broken tablet screen Jun282022

Repair or Replace: What to Do With Your Broken Tablet

Category: Tablets

Repair or Replace: What to Do With Your Broken Tablet When accidental damage and software glitches deem your tablet unusable, it can be incredibly inconvenient. Not only does a broken tablet make it challenging to get work done; it can also make it difficult to stream your favorite TV series, respond to emails, shop online, […]

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apple vs samsung Jun282022

Battle of the Brands: Apple vs. Samsung Phones

Category: Smartphones

Both manufacturers have broken boundaries, offered innovative features, and set industry records. So how do these two titans of tech compare? CPR has compared Apple and Samsung’s latest phones to help you decide which team is right for you. Consider the following comparisons of Apple vs. Samsung to help you decide who the leading brand is. […]

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how to keep your phone from overheating Jun282022

Find Out How to Keep your Phone from Overheating

Category: Smartphones

Like other electronics, it’s normal for your smartphone to heat up from time to time during everyday use. This is especially true when charging your phone battery, as heat transfers from your charger to your device. However, if you’re finding your smartphone is almost always too hot to handle, this could signal an underlying issue. […]

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using apple pay at checkout Jun282022

Getting Started: How to Use Apple Pay

Category: General, Smartphones

After its initial launch in 2014, Apple Pay became a popular feature accepted online and at many retailers nationwide. Many users prefer it over other traditional payment methods for its convenient access. Rather than carrying around a wallet or worrying about losing your credit or debit card, you can easily access money with a tap […]

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