Fourth Testimonial


Fourth Testimonial

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Thankfully for me, I was able to bring my phone in to Cell Phone Repair in Ahwatukee. The owner Kevin opened the phone then and there right in front of my family and was able to tell us the problem within 15 minutes!! He even said he would fix it immediately and we can come back and pick it up that afternoon. He was able to get the phone charging in less time than it took me to drive there. After such a disappointing and irritating experience at You Break I Fix, I was floored by the service and level of professionalism that Kevin at Cell Phone Repair provided. I share this because good businesses deserve our time and money. Thank you sincerely to Cell Phone Repair! Our cells phones are now our lives. They carry all of our valuable info, photos, calendars etc and now I have it all back.
Chris Riley
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